The Story Behind "The Goods" Collection

First produced in 2011, "The Goods" collection revisits five seminal moments in the life of Ted Perez by way of said "quinine". From his first taste of the most alluring, and addictive, of all sweets to the passion project that brought him to the land of his final sighting.

"Needs: My compas [sic], a sensible knife, one red bandana, my annotated copy of Don Quixote and The Goods."

Wire in 1948 from Ted to long-time valet K.V. Pallana upon accepting an invitation from shipping baron Daniel K. Ludwig [Luddy] to retrace Roosevelt's journey down the then uncharted Rio da Dúvida [River of Doubt]. The expedition would be lead by the same man who guided the President's near-fatal junket - Colonel Cândido Rondón. When challenged by Rondón on his sparse selection of "essentials" Perez simply huffed "The Goods are my quinine Señor".

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