The Story Behind "'74 Fall Olympics" Collection

The General's Surplus presents our '74 Fall Olympics Collection - a set of three replica t-shirts and a jumper designed and produced by Adi Dassler in the early 70's to support Ted's petition for the creation of a Fall Olympics.

The centerpiece of Ted's Fall Olympics concept was Leisure. The competitive agenda would be comprised of sports wherein athletes showcased the artistry of activities "[W]here the steady, deft hand of a master is as highly praised as the speed of a sprinter in August or skier in February."

Ted noted, "We must remember rigor does not guarantee success. A master will compete sans error at the height of world standards with a vice, something you covet, no more than an arm's length away."

At first hesitant ["Theodor, I fear your tenacity. Is this truly about sport or vengeance?"], Adi agreed to support Ted with both back channel lobbying and with the creation of a gift - a sampling of endorsed squads and Ted's signature jacket.

The initial petition for a Fall Olympics was submitted to the International Olympic Committee's Executive Board, chaired by Avery Brundage, on January 31st, 1968. Eleven appeals later an ultimate decision was issued by Mr. Brundage who, in short, offered "There is no place in advanced competitive and athletic endeavors for activities that are, in their very existence, trivial and inconsequential. The mere fact that chief petitioner Mr. Perez also encourages alcohol consumption during competition is grounds enough to consider this entire campaign folly."

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